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(1a) Chloroplast aids the manufacture of food (photosynthesis in green plants

(1b) mitochondria is the site for respiration ie it helps to break down food into simple sugar
(i) Prophase
(ii) Metaphase
(iii) Anaphase
(iv) Telophase
(1iii) viruses are regarded as non-living organisms because they are inert outside the host body.

(1iv) PICK TWO
(i) Tongue
(ii) Noise
(iii) Eye
(iv) Skin
(v) Ear
(i) Kidney
(ii) Lungs
(iii) Skin
(iv) Liver
(1vi) PICK TWO
(i) Hyper myopia (long-sightedness)
(ii) Myopia (short sightedness )
(iii) Presbyopia
(iv) Astigmatism
(i) Night blindness
(ii) Reduced resistance to diseases

(1vii) PICK ONE
(i) Cowpea
(ii) Groundnut
(iii) Melon

– xylem: it helps to conduct water and dissolved mineral salt from the roots to the leaves. – Phloem: it helps in storage of food

(a) Diploid number of cells (2 offspring)
(b) Haploid number of cells (4 offspring)

– Tadpole ==> kidney
– Catfish ==> kidney
– Incomplete metamorphosis
– Complete metamorphosis

(a) Baobab tree ==> arid area (terrestrial)
(b) Rock mangrove tree ==> estuarine

(a) White blood cell: it helps to defend the body against disease by ingesting the bacteria and virus that causes disease
(b) Red blood: it helps to transport oxygen from the lungs to the body cells

(a) Sweat gland: it helps to remove sweat from the body
(b) Blood plasma: it helps to transport the substances that are dissolved in it as well as the cells that float in it.

(1xv) PICK TWO
(i) Fossil records
(ii) Evidence from comparative anatomy
(iii) Evidence from geographical distribution
(iv) Evidence from embryology
(v) Evidence from vestigial organs

A ==> bean seed
B ==> maize grain
D ==> tilapia fish

C ==> terrestrial habitat
D ==> aquatic habitat
A ==> explosive mecha

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