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I. Isotopy is a phenomenon whereby an atom of an element excite different mass number but have the same atomic number.
II. Isomerism is existent of two or more compound (known as isomers) with the same molecular formulae but different molecular structure

(i) Deuterium
(ii) Tritium


Bottomed flask and set up the apparatus as shown. Add conc HCl gradual into the flask through the thistle funnel pass the gas produced through water and concentrated tetraoxosulphate (iv) and collect it by downward delivery.

(i) It is use as a bleaching agent
(ii) It is use as disinfectant in the treatment of water
(iii)it is use as an oxidizing agent

P1=(745-13.5)mmHg =731.5mmHg
using the general gas equation
The volume of the gas at S.T.P is 36.4cm^3

(i) Nature of reactions
(ii) Presence of a catalyst


A homologous series is a family of organic compound which follows a regular structural pattern in which each successive member differ in its molecular formula. By-CH2-GROUP

(i) Solubility
(ii) Boiling points
(iii) Densities


A catalyst is a substance which alter the rate of a chemical reaction without itself being used up in the process.

(i) They are proteinous in nature 
(ii) They alter the rate of a chemical reaction
(iii) They remain unchanged in the reaction

The solution turn from blue to white as a magnesium displace copper from its salt

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Mg(aq)+CuSO4(aq)—–> MgSO4(aq)+ Cu(s)

Equation Reaction:
Number of moles of soduim =mass/molar mass =5.95/23=0.2587moles
Reactive ratio of sodium to its oxide is 2:1
Therefore number of moles of Na2O2=0.2587/2=0.129moles
Mass of oxide 

(i) Dissolving an acid anhydride in water
(ii) Combination of constituent element

Washing soda (NaCO3. 10H2O)


NH4^+(aq)+OH^-(aq)+HCl(aq)—> NH4Cl(aq)+H2O(l)

The student got the choice of indicator wrong

Phenolphthalein is used when a strong base is present. Aqueaous ammonia is a weak base

(i) Gluclose and fructose
(ii) Invertase
(iii) Delivery tube
(iv) Glucose

White phosphorus and red phosphorus

I. Has no effect of red litmus paper
II. changes damp blue litmus paper pink
III. Reacts directly with alkali to yield a trioxocarbonate(iv)

mass of P= 9g
molar mass of P =80g/mol
: Number of mole of P presnt =mass/molar mass
solubility =0.1125/60*100=1.875mol/dm^3

C2H5OH(aq) +H2SO4(aq)—-> C2H5HSO4(aq)+H2O(i)
C2H5HSO4(aq)—->C2H4(aq)+H2SO4(aq) ethene

Bromine Exists as liquid at room temperature because there is decrease in votality down the group of the halogens due to increasing strength of the van der waal’s force.

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