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See How Cultists Robbed UNIPORT Students’ Lodge, Beat Them Up And Loot Their Valuables

Suspected members of a notorious confraternity have been carrying on nefarious acts against the innocent students living around the Alakahia village of Port Hacourt.
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The cultists have devised a means of intimidating the lodge occupants and looting away with valuables. Due to the poor security settings of this remote region, which is close to the University Of Port Hacourt back gate entrance.
In three major incidents, these cultists have made their way into one of the lodges, broke into one of the occupants room and threatened him with guns and other weapons, they now manipulated the occupant into knocking on other inmates door with the pretense that he wants to see them, on opening the door, the robbers storm into the room and beat up whoever is in there and take all available valuables. The unsuspecting inmates would open the door thinking its their friend, not knowing that the robbers are hidden behind. They use cutlasses and sticks to beat up the inmates as they loot any valuable around.
This schemes have been employed to rob some lodges like Philomena Lodge, Ave Maria Hostel and many other student lodges in the Alakahia axis. This has created a state of unrest and trauma among students. The police don’t seem to be interested in such case.
We call on the appropriate authorities to interfere and resolve this issue.

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Posted by on June 27, 2018 in EDUCATION
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