Emeka Ike’s Biography And Net Worth In 2018 (Photos)

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Emeka Ike biography is something people know less than anything else about their favorite actor. If you want to know more, make yourself comfortable because today we are going to give you full Emeka’s profile here. Check it out to discover interesting facts you didn’t know.

Emeka Ike’s family, age and background

Emeka Ike is of an Igbo origin. He was born on March 22, 1967, to a family of Mr. Nickolas Ike and his wife whose name was not saved for the history. While alive, Emeka’s father was a pastor. Emeka Ike was born and raised in Lagos. Quite often, speaking about Emeka’s parents, people mistake Chika Ike for his sister. This is a misconception because they have different parents and were born in different places. They are not even relatives, they only have the same last name.

Emeka often says that he learned a lot from his parents. Another thing was being very attentive and sensitive to the breaking of his privacy. Finally, the last thing he learnt from his father was taking care of those in need.

It seems that at present, Emeka is still loyal to the habit of keeping a lot of his personal matters secret from the public attention and this is why many people know so little about him and his personal affairs and businesses.

Emeka studied mechanical engineering at the University of Lagos. However, quite soon he felt a burning passion for the art of acting and thus found himself a major role in “Deadly Affair” in 1987. This was the beginning of his career.

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Emeka Ike’s movie career in brief

Emeka’s career in movies began when Ernest Obi, one of his colleagues in acting, introduced the young passionate would-be actor to Charles Owoyemi, a producer of then popular TV series titled “Fortunes”. At that time, soap operas were at the peak of their popularity, outshining big movies, and even having acted in “Deadly Affair” in 1987, Emeka gained a big popularity only after his appearance in Nollywood TV series.

Since the beginning of his career, Emeka acted in more than 200 movies. In the majority of them, he plays the roles of brutes who are utterly physical and often abuse women.

Emeka Ike’s wife, children and divorce

In spite of his movie character type, Emeka was married only once to a woman with whom he had lived for 17 years before they divorced. Emeka and his wife Suzanne Emma got married in 2000 but after 17 years of living together, a Lagos court dissolved this lasting marriage. Suzanna was the one to file a petition for the divorce.

Emeka got the custody of all the four children – three boys and one girl – born in this marriage. However, his ex-wife Suzanna received the right to see them at any time.

After the divorce Emeka stayed silent for a while but early this year was spotted with a woman who’s rumored to be his new love helping him handle the household and take care of the children.

What’s Emeka Ike’s net worth in 2018?

Emeka Ike is one of the richest Nollywood actors. As estimated by reliable sources, his net worth in 2018 makes about $3 million. This is a huge amount for a Nollywood actor and it’s very likely that the amount will only grow with his further roles in popular films.

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Several interesting facts about Emeka Ike

  • Emeka Ike has a Bachelor’s certificate in mechanical engineering
  • In 2015, the actor revealed a secret that when in Ghana, he had once trained more than 100 ex-militants

Emeka Ike is a man of only a few words when it comes to his private life and affairs and thus even this little bit is already something. Keep an eye on the updates and discover all the news about the favorite actor immediately.

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