How I quit my long distance relationship in 1 week – Nigerian Lady Reveals

A Nigerian lady who had just met a guy online has narrated on how she quit the relationship with him in just one week.

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She took to a popular forum online as she shared the strory revealing that, she had a dire need for cash and since the man was already considered as her boyfriend, she asked him for the cash.

The man then declined and so she went ahead to break the 1-week-old relationship, despite never meeting each other at all.

Read her story below…


So I decided to go into a long distance relationship with this guy I have not met yet. We just met online and have exchanged pictures.

So far the relationship is just one week old and I was in a bit of a situation where I needed some money. Nothing much just about 15,000 to solve an issue.

So I asked my BF if he could assist me with the money, only for him to start saying things like the relationship is still young for me to be making demands, that what if he starts demanding for s3xx this early in the relationship.

I said I wish I could have solved my problem myself but I really need all the help I can get. He still insisted that he hasn’t even met me physically and I could be trying to swindle him for all he knows.

Then I said if he feels that way then no need to continue with the relationship and it was over, just like that within one week.

So do you think I was being unreasonable to make demands this early in the relationship.

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Updated: November 27, 2018 — 2:02 am

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