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Charles Okocha Displays The Scars Of Six Bullets He Survived In 2015 (Photos)

Charles Okocha, one of the most popular Nigerian celebrities on Instagram, has displayed the bullet wounds he sustained some years ago.

It will be recalled that the actor who is now popular known as Amoshine or Igwe Tupac, was accidentally shot at by a police officer in 2015 during a function he attended in Anambra state. He miraculously escaped death but the scars have remained with him ever since.

He has now displayed those scars for his followers to see and remember what God did for him years ago.

Okocha released a photo of himself on his Instagram page without his shirt early today. The photo shows him posing for the camera with the bullet wounds conspicuously patched on his stomach around his navel.

In his caption, he explained that he is a big testimony. He wrote: “Scar right there is the sign of 6 bullet I had 2015

“now I look at maself and have a reason to thank God 4 am life am a big Testimony….


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