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Tekashi69’s Lawyer Attempt To Secure $1.5 Million Bail For Rapper

Tekashi69’s Lawyer Attempt To Secure .5 Million Bail For Rapper

Tekashi69’s lawyer are set to make attempts to secure a $1.5 million bail for the rapper who has been in federal custody since November

The 22-year-old rapper has remained behind bars since mid-November, when he was arrested on a slew of charges, including drug trafficking, armed robbery, and racketeering.

His trial is scheduled to begin in September of 2019. If convicted on all charges, he will face a maximum life sentence.

The rapper’s lawyer, Lance Lazarro, told TMZ he’s putting a bail package together for the rapper in hopes of getting him sprung from the federal prison facility where he’s being held, so he can enjoy some freedom until his trial begins in September.

The plan is to ask the court to set 69’s bail at $1.5 million, and Lazarro will also make the case that Tekashi’s not a danger to the community, nor will he jump bail.

6ix9ine’s lawyer says he wants to file the motion before his next scheduled court appearance in late January. If the judge rules in his favor and grants bail, the rapper can await trial from the comfort of his own home once he posts the $1.5 mil.

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