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Man Trampled To Death While Trying To Hypnotize An Elephant (Photos)

A man has been trampled to death by an elephant after he tried to hypnotise it. Video footage shows the unnamed man walking up a wild male elephant grazing in a forest clearing.

He then gestures to get the huge animal’s attention, after which it begins charging at him.

In what is said to have been an attempt to ‘hypnotise’ the elephant and stop it in its tracks, the man does not run away.

The elephant knocks the man to the ground and tramples him to death on the spot.

The incident took place in Kataragama near Yala National Park in southern Sri Lanka.

Human interaction with wild elephants is not uncommon in the area as expansion of infrastructure and homes has destroyed the animals natural habitat.

The local forestry department have been made aware of the incident and said they are supporting the family.


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