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Maradona’s Surgery was Successful- Lawyer Announces

Maradona’s Surgery was Successful- Lawyer Announces

Argentine legend, Diego Maradona, has gone under the knife after he discovered that he had a condition known as a stomach bleeding back in January. The 58 years old former Napoli star has now begun to recover in the hospital, after a successful surgery, according to his lawyer.

Although the surgery was just to stem the bleeding which was caused by a hernia, Maradona would consider himself lucky, considering his unhealthy lifestyle.

While sharing the news through his twitter handle, Matias Morla wrote, “Diego Maradona’s surgical procedure is over. Thank God everything went perfectly.”


Before now, Maradona has been in and out of the hospital for different reasons over the years. In most cases, it was due to his extravagant lifestyle.

At the 2018 world cup in Russia, Maradona fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital during the game between Argentina and Nigeria.

He was equally hospitalized in 2004 after suffering serious heart problems that many believed were as a result of using hard drugs. He later had to go to rehab.

Later in 2005, Maradona was in the hospital again. That time, he went in for a stomach-stapling surgery so as to lose weight.

The argentine visited the clinic again in 2007 when he had alcohol abuse problems.

Maradona, who currently manages a second tier club in Mexico was also seen in crutches some months back after complaining that he had knee issues.

Morla has equally assured that he would be back at the club after he recovers fully. He said, “Now we wait for the recovery so Diego can return to work as soon as possible.”

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