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Fashion: Kimono Jacket Styles For Women In 2019 (Photos)

Kimono Jacket Styles For Women In 2019

Chiffon kimono styles in Nigeria are quite popular these days. During the heat, they save the body from sun and in the same time let the body breath freely. Here are the finest styles of kimono to wear this year.

Photo: windsorstore.com
Source: UGC

Even though that the word “kimono” evokes in our minds associations with Japanese national clothing, it is widespread in the rest of the world. Moreover, kimono styles were borrowed and transformed according to the modern trends. Thus, today we can see them, done in various cuts, styles and with the use of different fabrics.

If you are curious about the latest kimono styles to wear and why chiffon kimono is so comfortable and popular, scroll down the article.

Why choose chiffon?

Photo: lyst.co.uk
Source: UGC

Chiffon is a lightweight, woven semi-transparent material. It is a perfect choice for the plenty of gowns as it complements any look. Due to its natural attributes, chiffon is the finest choice for the hot summer outfit. It protects the body from the sun and also makes every gown look more elegant.

Chiffon can be decorated with vibrant prints to make your look unique and draw attention to it. But most of all we love chiffon for the puffy folds and draping it creates, enhancing your look. It’s loose cuts add the feeling of freedom and sophistication to any gown you have.

Kimono jacket styles

Photo: yemzi.com
Source: UGC

In Nigeria kimono play a role of a summer coat. They are loose, bright and vibrant. The main advantage of a kimono jacket is that it matches any style. You can have it with t-shirt and jeans, dress, skirt and even a swimsuit.

Depending on the impression you want to make, you can choose different styles of kimono. They can be long or short, with long sleeves or without any sleeves at all, in plenty of colors, with prints and decorations, with ropes or not. So here are the styles of kimono that are popular in 2019.

Latest kimono styles

Photo: thefashionengineer.com
Source: UGC

Bright and warm colors are in trend this year. If you want to look astonishing, why not to try on this incredible peach kimono on the top of trousers and top? The kimono robe highlights your shape and long sleeves make the look seem official.

Photo: blog.jiji.ng
Source: UGC

Vibrant prints that are inspired by a tribal art are back in trend. Here we see that the main accent of the look is on mid-length kimono jacket. This is a fabulous gown to wear for work or party.

Photo: guardian.ng
Source: UGC

The long-sleeve lemon kimono jacket with lovely tiny prints are the new trend for fashionistas this year. If you want to draw attention, but still have an elegant and modest look, what can be more appropriate than this kimono style?

Photo: leafimagepicxes.pw
Source: UGC

You don’t attend unusual events every day. Sometimes you want to have a simple casual look, but still be outstanding. Here is when it’s time to put on a fashionable mid-length kimono jacked of navy color with bright African prints. The bronze kimono rope on the waist is a modest addition to the image.

Photo: jetpicva.pw
Source: UGC

Combine these chiffon kimono with jeans and tops or t-shirts for a casual look. This way you will always be astonishing.

Photo: blog.jiji.ng
Source: UGC

What about a sleeveless kimono jacket? It is also a trendy piece this year. Sleeveless kimono jackets are the perfect addition to both dresses and jeans. With dresses, you get a more mature look, while with jeans you get a simple, stylish image.

Photo: shopping2u.eu
Source: UGC

You can combine elegant kimono with tight dresses.

Photo: ecstasymodel.com
Source: UGC

And even with a swimsuit.

Whatever style you decide to choose in 2019, just remember the following trends:

  • Bright colors;
  • Vibrant prints.
  • To make your look even more unique, try doing this:
  • Wear shoes with high heels of neutral colors;
  • Add accessories.

Now you know the main trends in kimono styles in Nigeria for 2019. Diversify your look and be outstanding this year!

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