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Speed Darlington Covers MRH Magazine, Talks Music, His Late Father, and More

Speed Darlington is the cover star of the latest edition of the Media Room Hub magazine, which is aptly titled the “Scorpion King.”

And in his interesting interview with Audu Maikori and Azuka Ogujiuba, the singer talks about his late father Chief Pericoma Okoye, his music, his crushes on Tonto Dikeh and DJ Cuppy, and many other random topics.

About growing up:

I would say both in Nigeria and in the US, but most of my adult life is here in the States. I left Nigeria as a teenager and have been in New York ever since.

About his father:

He was a good person with a little too many wives, (laughs). Different people have different images of him in their minds but he was a good person and a family man. None of his kids was born outside wedlock. So generally, it depends on who you ask about my father. Like some people will tell you to stay away from him if you like your life, you know…(laughs). My parents had just the two of us, my sister and I, she’s also in New York here with her kids and husband. It’s just me and her now so we keep in touch a lot.

About music:

Wow, that’s a huge one but it would be definitely mood stabilizer. You could be sad but when you hear music you feel better. I have one Italian song, I don’t understand what they say in the music but to me it sounds like what Igbo people made, but it’s Italian song and that’s what I mean by music being universal. So, sometimes you might not know what they say but the delivery and the energy on the song makes you happy.

About his favourite musicians: 

That would include; Burna Boy, Wizkid (he’s every body’s favourite), Flavour, Kizz Daniel, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Tekno and Chidinma.

About his crush on Tonto Dikeh:

Yes I like Tonto, but I quickly snapped out of it because, long distance relationship to me was a waste of time. And the fact that I heard she had something to do with Hush Puppi, I got discouraged but the major reason was because I am not around her.

…And DJ Cuppy:

Yea, they say her Dad is rich, I asked what he does they said oil, owner of FORTE OIL, but I never heard of it so I was like okay, I am a hustler and always looking for a way to get paid. She put out a song and everybody was talking about the song, criticizing her and I remember how I started 7 years ago and how people were saying I was not good enough and that my music sucks. I kind of see her in me trying to do her thing. I decided to hit her up to see if we can do some collaboration, I give you a verse and you pay me some money. Again, somewhere along the line, I jokingly started saying I liked her which faded away somehow. But if she still hits me up for music right now, I am down for it.

Read the entire interview here.

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