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Young Nigerian Wife Fights Her Husband After Being Told To Pack Out (Photos)

A clash broke out between a Nigerian husband and his wife recently following series of problems in their marriage.

It was gathered that the latest fight happened after the man told his wife that he’s done with the relationship and she should pack her things and leave his house.

The young wife called her mother who arrived and joined her daughter to insult her husband. The mother-in-law told the man she would deal with him.

While the drama was going on, the man claimed the wife was packing his properties including a TV set which he later broke on the floor.

After breaking the Plasma TV , the angry wife rushed and held him in front of those present as she told him to kill her or else she kills him. The young couple were later prevented from fighting themselves.

Some internet users have labelled the man a weak person for allowing his wife’s actions while others have argued that it takes a mature mind to do what the man did.

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